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Aaron Hughes

21030 E Cliff Dr. Santa Cruz, California 95062

Phone: (703) 244-0427   E-Mail:  aaronh@bind.com


Chief Technology Officer / SVP Technology

Internet Engineering Management / Systems / Network

Willing to Travel


Senior technology leader offering more than fifteen years of diverse experience, from hands-on development to product and senior engineering management. Particularly skilled at long term technology strategies, creating more robust products, and taking legacy products into viable futures. Adept at turning around organizations, product designs, and development processes. Respected for ability to quickly evaluate organizational, procedural, and technical problems and develop solutions as well as lead successful teams.


Extensive technology skills include a very strong background in Cisco, Juniper, Sun systems, BSD systems, Microsoft technologies, and Internet engineering in general.


Professional Experience



6connect, inc – San Jose, CA                                                                         Mar 2009 – Present

Distributed managed solutions and automation software


President & Chief Technology Officer


6connect is an Internet Infrastructure Management company based in Silicon Valley, USA. Our pedigree in datacenter management and automation makes us a natural fit for any environment that has to manage disparate networks, systems and infrastructure.  We provide our clients fully integrated solutions depending on the level of automation and management required. From customer-hosted platforms to turnkey remote environments, we maximize our expertise to architect, deploy and manage our customer needs and networks.



Cariden Technologies, inc – Mountain View, CA                                June 2006 – July 2009

Metric optimization, network analysis and simulation software


Chief Architect / Facility Security Officer


I primarily work at one clientÕs site, Lockheed Martin, on the TMOS/TSAT program. The majority of my time is spent working in the architecture group designing router architecture for satellites. I have also worked in the modeling and simulation group to verify designs and mitigate risk to the program.


Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Solutions in San Jose, CA received a $2.02 billion cost-plus award fee contract for the Transformational Satellite (TSAT) Communications' ground-based Mission Operations System (TMOS).


The TMOS network will give the U.S. military's overall Transformational Communications Architecture (TCA) the ability to act as a broadband, on-demand global Internet based on IP, incorporating key emerging network technologies like quality of service provisioning and bandwidth guarantees in the bargain. TMOS will provide circuit/packet mission planning and policy management, external network coordination, network operations and management, key management, and Situational Awareness-Common Operational Picture in a secure environment, fully incorporating cyber-security.


A stop work order was issued May 15, 2009 based on cost reduction efforts from the Secretary of Defense.






UnitedLayer, LLC – San Francisco, CA                                                          Dec 2007 – Present

Colocation, Managed Services, and Internet Service Provider


Chief Network Architect


My primary functions at UnitedLayer are planning and design of company wide technology including network architecture, system architecture, and peering infrastructure. I am the most senior point of escalation in the operations group.


Some of my most notable accomplishments at UnitedLayer include:

¤  Successfully peered off 55% of IP traffic through peering automation tools I personally designed and wrote.

¤  Designed and wrote CRM/ERP and fully integrated with Salesforce.com. This tool suite also manages cabinet inventory, IPv4 and IPv6 allocations and assignments, router configurations, facilities, and asset inventory.

¤  Successfully deployed IPv6 dual stack across entire network, updated tools to support IPv6, as well as dual stacked many customers.

¤  Successfully implemented high availability multi-platform, multi-layer architecture.


Terremark World Wide – Miami, FL                                                 March 2005 – May 2006

Global Network Access Point and Internet Exchange Operator


Vice President – Technology & Architecture

At Terremark I planned and designed global technology including network architecture, system architecture, optical architecture, and exchange point architecture.  I was also a member of the federal design team, which created solutions for US federal agencies utilizing IP and large-scale network design skills. I also held a role in product development for commercial services to keep ahead of customer demand for high availability, disaster recovery services and market demand. Member of the executive team, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer.

Some of my most notable accomplishments at Terremark include:

¤  Successfully reorganized Technology group to combine commercial and federal Tier 3 engineers into one cohesive team with a full picture of all architecture.

¤  Successfully implemented high availability multi-platform, multi-layer architecture.

¤  Designed global VoIP architecture and assisted with implementation.

¤  Designed global VTC architecture and assisted with implementation.


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¤  Designed satellite disaster recovery network and created redundancy for legacy EIA-530 based network utilizing circuit emulation over IP in order to extend the life of non-redundant technology.



YellowBrix, Inc. – Alexandria, VA                                                                2000 – March 2005

Content aggregator and distributor providing industry-specific information to global news, radio stations and government agencies via the Internet, to strengthen business decision making, gain competitive advantage, and drive new revenue streams.


Vice President – Operations (2001 – March 2005)

Vice President – Technical Operations (2000 – 2001); Consultant (2000)

Following a four-month technology consulting assignment, the CTO offered me a full-time position as VP – Technical Operations, assuming responsibility for Customer Care and Network Operations. Within a year, I was promoted to VP – Operations with added responsibility for Sales Engineering, Implementation, Content, MIS, System Architecture, and Network Architecture. Member of the executive team, reporting to the president and board of directors. 

Following the dot.com fallout, I was charged with downsizing operations and automating as many functions as possible, while continuing to identify and develop talent within the organization and to build and lead teams to work together on large projects toward common solutions. As market demands changed, I developed technology strategies, new product strategies, product growth strategies, and assisted in R&D, new product launches, and business development. 

The company has grown tremendously since 2001. Throughout my tenure with YellowBrix, I have been involved heavily in due diligence related to corporate merger/acquisition targets, performing asset value assessments, and leading systems and product integration efforts.

Some of my most notable accomplishments at YellowBrix include:

¤  Successfully reorganized Operations, Customer Care, System and Network Architecture to reduce operating costs by 170% while maintaining revenue streams, IP, and level of support.

¤  Automated internal procedures and functions, reducing the number of employees from 250 to 25 over a four-year period, while serving a larger customer volume and stabilizing revenues.

¤  Acquired and integrated three companies, migrating all of their products and customers to YellowBrix infrastructure without increasing operating costs, while, at the same time, increasing revenue.

¤  Streamlined sales process to improve product implementation efficiency and simplify sales engineering requirements.

¤  Served as project manager for numerous technology projects:  data center migrations, network and system architecture upgrades, SAN replacements, new application development, physical office moves, and building and closing domestic and international data centers.

¤  Migrated entire corporate systems infrastructure from Windows NT 4.0 Servers, 2000 Desktops and Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2003 Active Directory, XP Desktops, and Exchange 2003. Successful plan resulted in project completion within a one-night maintenance.



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RCN – Marlboro, MA, and Merrifield, VA                                                                  1997 – 2000

The nationÕs largest single source provider of bundled telecommunications services.

Director – Data Planning and Network Architecture

Began as a Network Architect at UltraNet, a rapidly growing ISP in New England.  After UltraNet was acquired by RCN in 1998, I assumed responsibility for the integration of several ISPs acquired by RCN (gaining over 1 million customers), to include Erols Internet, JavaNet, DNAI, BrainStorm, StarPower, Interport and UltraNet.

At the same time, I directed a network backbone implementation staff of 10; managed team of implementation engineers who were responsible for peering, backbone growth, and customer aggregation; and assisted in directing the Network Operations Center team for RCN. Later, as capacity planner, I predicted and reported the financial impact of circuit, router, and customer growth. I was also the most senior point of escalation for operational network issues at RCN.


Quest Technologies, Inc. (QTI) – Marlboro, MA                                                  1995 – 1997

A multiple listings service provider to real estate companies and a provider of database management, networking, and technical support services to large organizations with strategic information needs.

Director Network Operations / System Engineering

Personally designed and implemented the entire architecture allowing QTI to offer Internet service to its customers. ISP capabilities generated 20,000 new customers. Trained 10 technicians to support customers. Created product suite for Internet services.  Maintained customer base while growing the infrastructure.


Channel 1 Communications – Cambridge, MA                                                       1992 – 1995

Network and Systems Architect

Managed a 200 node Bulletin Board Service with over 40,000 customers, the largest of its time. Redesigned Novell back-end architecture.  Designed from the ground up one of the first Internet Service Providers in Massachusetts.



Consulting Experience


Throughout my career, I have contributed my knowledge and abilities to improving Internet standards worldwide, serving as an advisor or member of organizations such as the North American Network Operations Group (NANOG), Rˇseaux IP Europˇens (RIPE), Global Peering Forum (GPF), European Internet exchange (Euro-IX) and the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).  I also serve as an iForce partner for SUN Microsystems, and participate in the Oracle Partner Network and Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN), providing application development feedback.

I have spoken publicly at conferences, technical advisory boards, as well as many other smaller forums. I have also completed long-term and retained consulting assignments, as follows:



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¤  Designed and implemented for GNAC/Certainty Solutions a large scale multiple Autonomous System network for Standard and Poor and Microsoft's WebTV supporting 15 million users. Following design and implementation, I trained the operations staff of 20 people, documented all related processes, and handed over a complete turnkey solution. My efforts led to better uptime stability, faster connectivity to clients, and higher levels of redundancy, which likely impacted customer satisfaction.

¤  Contracted by MVS Networks, a wireless aggregator, to design a scalable architecture for expending wireless service to residences and businesses in Mexico.  Wrote Ņbest practiceÓ guidelines for all aspects of wireless service delivery, and evaluated profit and loss potential for expansion into specific cities, based on cost of network and cost of customer.

¤  Designed network architecture for demarcation of third party ISPs for E-go, a reseller of wireless services in Mexico. Addressed and resolved problems associated with hardware limitations of Layer II infrastructure, bandwidth consumption related to viruses, and number of client limitations per VLAN.

¤  Member of the TelX IX Advisory Board.





I have pursued education and professional development throughout my career, from computer science and mathematics courses at Harvard University and Wentworth Institute, to law courses at Framingham State College. Most of what IÕve learned in the Internet Engineering field has been self-taught through extensive reading, consultation with experts, and hands-on experience.


Technology Skills Summary


Network Hardware: Cisco & Juniper routers, switches and load balancing hardware, Fore Systems ATM switches, Extreme, Brocade switches, Route Science, Proteon, Redback, and RiverStone, as well as many other less notable hardware vendors

Systems:  Sun Solaris, DEC Alpha, FreeBSD, BSDi, Novell, Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS, and Mac OS X

SAN Architectures: EMC, Sun, Brocade, ECCS, and ADIC

Routing Protocols:  Large ISP style BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, VTP, MPLS and Multi-protocol over ATM; just about everything in the stack.



Active Top Secret SSBI


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